Employer’s services during the local government trials on employment

The local government trials on employment will begin on 1 January 2021 and on 1 March 2021 in the areas participating in the trials. The local government trials will end on 30 June 2023.

During the local government trials, employer-customers will continue to be offered employer and business services by the TE Office, and the legislation will not change in this respect However, employers should take into account the impacts of the local government trials on the services.

In the local government trials, some jobseeker-customers will be transferred to the municipalities participating in the local government trials, to become their customers, while others will remain customers of the TE Office. During the trial, the responsibility for the services of the customers being transferred falls on their municipality of residence. Those customers who will not be transferred to the trial will continue to be customers of the TE Office. 

Employer and business services will still be available at the TE Office.

All employer and business services offered by TE offices will still be available to employers in the local government trial areas. For example, the employer can notify the TE Office of a vacancy, receive help in the development of personnel, in change situations and in matters related to work permits. The contact details of business advisors can be found on the website of the TE Offices.

A vacancy can be reported to both the TE Office and those responsible for the local trial.

The employer may further notify the TE Office of the vacancy, investment opportunity or a work trial opportunity. If there is a local government trial in progress in the employer's area, the employer may also notify those responsible for the trial, if he so wishes. Only exceptions are job alternation leaves, which are managed only by the TE Office.

Requests for contact, job advertisements, work trial opportunities and jobs for which pay subsidy is paid submitted through the employer's E-Services are always referred to the TE Office for processing.  

Applying for pay subsidy during the local government trials

It should be noted that during the municipal experiment, when applying for pay subsidy, a person hired with a pay subsidy may be either a TE Office or a trial customer in the same area. For example, if the employer recruits two persons with a pay subsidy, one may be a TE Office customer and the other a trial customer.  

When filling in a pay subsidy application, the employer must know whether he or she is applying for a pay subsidy from the TE Office or from a local government trial. The easiest way to find out this is to ask the person being recruited with a pay subsidy whether he or she is a customer of a local government trial or a TE Office. If the customer has received a pay subsidy card, the correct authority must have been entered in the card. In unclear cases, it is a good idea to ask the person to be recruited to find out about the matter from his or her own expert or from the telephone service for personal customers.  

It is a good idea to apply for pay subsidy well in advance of the starting date of the employment relationship, as the employer must receive a positive pay subsidy decision before the employee with a pay subsidy can start his or her work.