Finding employees

The TE Office can look for candidates to fill in your vacancy in its customer register based on agreed search terms. The TE Office may also introduce the candidates to the employer, but the decision to offer the job to a candidate is always made by the employer. You can also look for suitable jobseekers in the CV-netti service and among participants in labour market training.

Looking for employees on CV-netti

As an employer, you use the CV-netti service to search for suitable employees. This service is only available for registered employers. Click on the link on the right to go to CV-netti.

CV-netti is a database of jobseekers who have independently submitted an open description of themselves in the service. They can attach their CVs to the description. This option is also open for jobseekers who are not TE Office customers.

Candidates can be searched for and categorised by job title, municipality and several other search terms. If a suitable candidate is found, the employer contacts the jobseeker directly. An advertisement placed by a jobseeker on CV-netti may also be anonymous, in which case the system will transmit the employer's message directly to the jobseeker's e-mail address.

CV-netti contains tenthousands of jobseeking ads, and the situation changes rapidly. In some fields, jobseekers get offers as soon as they have submitted their descriptions. This may lead into an employment relationship without delay, and a description may be removed from the database quickly.

Making use of CV-vahti

CV-netti also offers a CV-vahti service for employers.  You can subscribe to this service and have information about new candidates that meet your criteria sent directly to your e-mail address. You can thus keep an eye on the availability of candidates without having to visit the service repeatedly.

Finding candidates among participants in labour market training

Using our online services, you can search for and browse labour market training programmes that have started recently. This service is mainly intended to assist recruitments.

You can contact training providers shown in the advertisements to ask about

  •  the contents and objectives of the training programme
  • schedules
  • possible on-the-job learning periods.

To browse the CVs that participants in the training may have submitted to the service, click on the button at the end of the advertisement.