Instructions for recruiting an employee with a Duuni card

Recruit an employee with a Duuni card

  • Do you have work to offer, but are still unsure about hiring a new employee?
  • Are you planning to hire new staff?
  • Are you having difficulties finding an employee with sufficient professional skills?
  • Do you want to offer an opportunity to a currently unemployed person to update one's skills at work?

Recruit a jobseeker with a Duuni card. If you have no knowledge of a suitable person, you can ask the TE Office for candidates.

Jobseekers at the TE Office include competent professionals, but also those whose professional skills can be improved and updated through work.

A person may require, more than average, orientation and guidance to complete their work tasks - therefore, we offer financial compensation in the form of the pay subsidy.  The subsidy covers maximum 30, 40 or 50% of payroll costs.

What is a Duuni card?

The TE Office can issue a Duuni card to unemployed jobseekers aged 30 years or over to support their independent jobseeking efforts. 

  • The Duuni card shows the employer that a pay subsidy can be granted towards the salary costs of the person in question.
  • In order to receive a pay subsidy, the employer must submit an application to the TE Office in good time before the intended starting date of the work.
  • An employment contract must not be made with the young person until the pay subsidy decision has been finalised.
    The subsidy cannot be granted to an employer if the employee has begun working before the decision has been made.

Submitting applications has been made easy

  • The employer must apply for the pay subsidy in good time before the intended starting time of employment.
  • Apply for a pay subsidy electronically using the Online services for employers or by using a form.
  • No attachments are needed for the application.
  • If the pay subsidy is granted, the employer applies for the payment of the subsidy from the development and administration centre for ELY Centres and TE Offices (the KEHA Centre).
  • Further information and more specific application instructions can be accessed at the Pay subsidy site.
  • If necessary, contact the TE Office