Instructions for recruiting a young person with a Sanssi card

  • Would you like to hire a young, enthusiastic employee for your company who will bring a share of their pay with them?
  • Employ a young person with a Sanssi card.
  • If you have no knowledge of a suitable young person, you can ask the TE Office for candidates.

What is a Sanssi card?

The Sanssi card is an employment voucher issued by a TE Office. It can be granted to a young unemployed jobseeker who is less than 30 years old.

The Sanssi card shows the employer that a pay subsidy can be granted towards the salary costs of the young person in question.

In order to receive a pay subsidy, the employer must submit an application to the TE Office in good time before the intended starting time of the work.

An employment contract is not made with the young person until the pay subsidy decision has been made.
The subsidy cannot be granted to an employer if the young person has begun working before the decision has been made.

Applying for pay subsidy is easy

  • The employer must apply for the pay subsidy in good time before the intended starting time of employment.
  • Apply for a pay subsidy electronically using the Online services for employers or by using a form.
  • No attachments are needed for the application.
  • If the pay subsidy is granted, the employer applies for the payment of the subsidy from the development and administration centre for ELY Centres and TE Offices (the KEHA Centre).
  • Further information and more specific application instructions can be accessed at the Pay subsidy site.

If necessary, contact your local TE Office.

Five good reasons for recruiting a young person with a Sanssi card

  1. The young person can be trained to meet the company's specific needs. Young people are enthusiastic to learn. With good work orientation and right kind of support, the young person will become a competent worker for your company.
  2. Young people are diligent. They have energy and motivation to perform different kinds of tasks. You will give the young person valuable work experience and provide help in the first stages of that person's career.
  3. Young people bring in new perspectives.  For example, a young person who has recently graduated is often anxious to show one's competence and knowledge in practice.  New ideas, for example ideas concerning company procedures, may be surprisingly beneficial and valuable.
  4. Possibility to get pay subsidy
    By hiring a young person with a Sanssi card, an employer may receive  for instance, a maximum 30% subsidy for the payroll costs of a young employee who has been unemployed for less than a year. If the young person's unemployment has lasted for a longer period, the employer may be eligible for a subsidy of maximum 40 or 50% of the payroll costs.
  5. A socially responsible deed
    In order to be able to stay competitive, it is important for Finland that young people get introduced to the working life as quickly as possible.  By recruiting a young person, you play part in preventing a threatening labour shortage in the future.