Recruitment trial

The recruitment trial has ended 31.12.2018.


In the recruitment trial, you can assess the suitability of potential employees to the tasks on offer and their ability to adapt to your work community. You cannot refer to the recruitment trial option in a job advertisement because the option is always a joint proposal by the employee and the employer.

As a service supporting employment, the recruitment trial is offered for a limited period, from the start of 2017 to the end of 2018.

As the aim in the recruitment trial is to create an employment relationship after the end of the trial period, it is intended for situations where your company has job vacancies.  Your company may have an openly advertised vacancy or a hidden vacancy that you can fill when you find a suitable applicant.

For the jobseeker, the recruitment trial is a voluntary arrangement, which means that there are no minimum working hours per day and you do not need to notify the provider of the unemployment benefit of any absences. For one employer, the recruitment trial may last for a maximum of one month.

The time spent by the participant in your company as part of the recruitment trial is deducted from the maximum trial period if you employ the participant in the same or in similar tasks after the end of the trial.  If the recruitment trial does not lead to an employment relationship with your company, you must give the TE Office the reasons why you did not employ the participant.