How to use the services

You can use the services online, on the telephone and by visiting the TE Office. When necessary, an appointment will be made for you for a meeting with a TE service expert and for your possible interview.

Easy ways of using the services related to your job search include the following.


  • Start your job search online. You can also use many other types of services on the My services website (in Finnish) at a time that suits you.
  • Log in to the service using your online banking ID, electronic identity card or mobile certificate from your mobile service provider.
  • In the interest of information security, you cannot conduct your business with the TE Office by e-mail.

On the telephone

  • The TE services may contact you by telephone, usually by prior agreement. The caller number will have the initial digits 0295.
  • Call the telephone service if you need help in using the online services or information about the TE services.
    TE telephone services

At a TE Office

  • On occasion, you may need to visit the TE Office. In most cases, this will be by prior agreement, and an appointment will be made for your visit.
  • You can visit the TE office without making an appointment in the following situations:
    - You would like to use the self-service terminals.
    - You would like to meet employers at recruitment events.
    - You are starting your job search and you have for some reason been unable to do it online.
  •  The TE Offices are open on weekdays 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. Some TE Office branches may only be open part of the week, or their opening hours may be different. Check the opening hours of your local TE Office:
    Contact information (in Finnish)
  • When you visit the office, bring proof of your identity: your driving licence, your Kela card with a photo or your passport.

Citizen Services

  • In addition to TE Offices, you can visit one of the Citizen Services. At these service points, you can use our online services and get help in using them.
  • Check the location of your nearest Citizen Services:
    Contact information (in Finnish)

By post

  • You can send us documents we need for processing your case by post.
  • For the address of the office, see:
    Contact information (in Finnish)

By e-mail

  • The relationship between the TE Office and a customer is confidential. This is why we only answer general questions by e-mail. 
  • If necessary, the TE Office can use e-mail encryption to answer questions related to a customer relationship.