What is the task of the TE Office in the activation model?


The Act on the Activation Model for Unemployment Security entered into force 1 January 2018 and has sparked lively discussion in traditional and social media.

The tasks of the TE Offices (Employment and Economic Development Office) have not changed due to the activation model. The TE Offices do not participate in the monitoring of the activation model.

The TE Office will provide information services to help find employment and inform you how you can access these services. The TE Office will make a service needs assessment with you to determine your need for services promoting employment. For some services, the TE Office decides independently whether you can participate in a service promoting employment or receive unemployment benefits based on it. In addition to your service needs, access to employment and business services are limited by the labour policy discretion of the TE Office and the allocated funding available.

The TE Office will also provide you with information about other services and activities promoting employment organised by the TE Office. For further information, see:

>> Services that promote employment and expense allowance

Based on the information you provided in the application for labour market subsidy, basic unemployment allowance or earnings-related unemployment allowance, the payers of the employment benefit, i.e. Kela or your unemployment fund, will monitor whether the requirements of the activation model are fulfilled for you.

We have created a new activation model FAQ page at te-palvelut.fi where you will find answers to frequently asked questions:

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More information is available on the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health website:

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