Online guidance service launched for TE Offices

29 December 2020

TE Offices and the TE Customer Service Centre have launched a new tool for career selection and career guidance: It is a secure virtual platform that allows confidential written discussions, secure sharing of personal information and files, and sharing engaging reflective tasks. The tasks help you reflect on your situation also between guidance discussions.

All you need is a web browser and a strong authentication method. The service complements other service channels that are already in use in multi-channel guidance. You can start online guidance by making an appointment through the TE Offices or the TE Customer Service Centre.

In early 2021, multidisciplinary/multiprofessional guidance will also become available in the service so that you can have access to expertise from several fields. By summer 2021, discussions will also include a video calling feature.

Additional information

Satu Meriluoto, online service designer, Kohtaamo project,