Finland applies for support due to Microsoft layoffs

Finland has submitted an application to the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund EGF concerning support because of the layoffs announced by Microsoft last autumn. The application concerns a total of about 2 000 persons who lost their jobs at Microsoft or companies associated with it.

The total budget of the application is nine million euros and the area covered comprises the regions of Uusimaa, South-West Finland and Pirkanmaa.

Besides Microsoft, there are other EGF projects currently underway in Finland due to extensive redundancies in the past few years at STX Finland, Broadcom and in the software industry in general. Preparations for an application procedure have been initiated due to layoffs at the University of Helsinki and Aalto University.

The EU contribution is 60 per cent, while each country is responsible for providing 40 per cent of the funding. In cases of major structural changes, support is granted from the fund for active employment policy measures, such as different forms of training, education, promotion of mobility, pay subsidies and start-up grants.