The TE offices use secure email when answering to emails


If you need to send an email to your TE service expert, you will receive the answer as a secure email. Secure email allows you to send and receive confidential information in an encrypted form directly from your own email or web connection. Please use email only to ask questions on general level, and the TE office will answer via secure email, if necessary.

Opening a secure email

When you receive a secure email, you will get an email, which contains a link: Avaa viesti / Open message / Öppna meddelandet. By clicking the link you will be able to read and answer to the secure email via a web interface. The link is active for 30 days.  The message can be opened and accessed to only from one device (IP address). Please make sure that you open the message from a device you primarily use for sending and receiving emails.

Password and signing out

To close the secure email use the Sign out (Kirjaudu ulos) –function.

To be able to open the secure email again, you will need to create a password, which you must give when opening the secure email the next time.