Ending an employment relationship

When the employer or the employee cancels a contract that is valid until further notice, it ends after the period of notice.

The employer may not cancel an employment contract without a proper and weighty reason. These reasons may be due to

  • the employee
  • economic and production-related reasons and a restructuring of the employer's operations.

An employee who has neglected their duties in the employment relationship may not be dismissed before a warning has been issued and they have thus had a chance of rectifying the neglect.

Periods of notice that apply to an employer

Uninterrupted duration of the employment relationship Period of notice
Up to 1 year 14 days
1–4 years 1 month
4–8 years 2 months
8–12 years 4 months
More than 12 years 6 months


Periods of notice that apply to an employee

Uninterrupted duration of the employment relationship Period of notice
Up to 5 years 14 days
More than 5 years 1 month


When an employment relationship is terminated, it ends with immediate effect without a period of notice. During a trial period, the employment contract may be terminated by either party. An employment contract may not be terminated during a trial period because of discriminatory or inappropriate reasons.

An employment contract can only be terminated for an extremely weighty reason. As a weighty reason will be deemed the fact that one of the parties is guilty of such a serious breach or neglect of their duties that the other party can no longer be expected to continue the employment relationship even for the period of notice.

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