CV-netti service for jobseekers

As a jobseeker, you can place your own advertisement in the free CV-netti service provided by the employment and economic development services. You do not have to be unemployed, or even a TE Office customer to do so. The service is available for all jobseekers: those wishing to change jobs, students, the unemployed and those entering working life for the first time.

You will need an online banking identification code to submit a jobseeker's ad. Identification is required to protect your personal data.

A meeting place for jobseekers and employers

CV-netti serves as a data bank and a meeting place for jobseekers and employers.

  • As a jobseeker, you will write an open description of yourself, to which you can attach your CV.
  • Employers can search for suitable candidates in the system by job title or keywords.
  • Any interested employers will contact you directly.
  • You can also submit your jobseeker's ad anonymously. In that case, employers will contact you by an e-mail message sent through the system.

Only employers logging in with strong identification can search and browse the jobseekers' ads.

CV-vahti service notifies employers

In some sectors, jobseekers may even receive job offers on the day they place their ads. After this, an employment relationship could be concluded quickly.

The CV-vahti service intended for employers informs the employers immediately when candidates meeting certain criteria submit their CVs to the service.