Reactivate and relocate support to unemployed persons aged 35+

Reactivate projects have now ended. Further information about the new projects will be available in the beginning of 2019.

Financial support for finding a job in another EU country

The EU mobility project Reactivate and relocate 35+ aims at helping jobseekers aged 35+ find a job from another EU country. There are three Reactivate and Relocate 35+ projects. Finnish citizens/residents usually apply from the project that is co-ordinated by the Swedish employment services. In addition to the Swedish project also France and Italy have their own projects. You can find further information about these projects on the rights side of the page. Please note that the information below mainly applies to the Swedish project. NOTE! The Swedish project has ended 19th of October. However, it is still possible to send application to the French project until the end of this year.

You may seek assistance from Reactivate and relocate 35+ project, if you are

  • at least 35 years old
  • EU citizen legally resident in an EU country
  • unemployed job seeker, a part-time working job seeker, planning to change your working field or planning to change jobs.

Financial support

When you have found a vacancy in another EU country and agreed on a job interview, you may receive financial support for

  • the interview trip 100–350 euros depending on the distance
  • relocation or moving to the new country after the job has been secured 700–1400 euros, depending on the country of destination
  • language training according to actual costs up to 800 euros
  • 400 euros as a flat-rate funding for recognition of qualifications
  • family support up to 1000 euros, if your family moves with you.

Conditions for the support

  • You must be an unemployed jobseeker, a part-time working job seeker, planning to change your working field or planning to change jobs.
  • Labour contract with at least 6 months duration and working hours of no less than 50% full time equivalent in the country of destination.
  • Apply for the support for the interview trip and moving expenses as well as family support well in advance before you set off for the trip or move from the country.
  • Support may be sought for job opportunities in EU countries (not in Norway, Iceland, Switzerland or Liechtenstein).
  • Financial support for a job interview and/or relocation is no longer granted when work tasks in Business support/Call Centre operations contain sales or telemarketing.

Support for language training and recognition of qualifications

  • When you have received confirmation that relocation allowance has been granted to you, you may also apply for support for language training and recognition of qualifications and for supplementary relocation allowance based on special needs.
  • The decisions are made on a case-by-case basis.
  • The confirmation of receiving an allowance based on special needs must be obtained in advance, before you start language training or the process for the recognition of qualifications.
  • Expenses are reimbursed retroactively against receipt.

What do I do next?

Please, read more information about the projects from the right side of the page under title Reactivate and Relocate projects. NOTE that the Swedish project has ended for the time being.


If you have any questions about Reactivate and relocate support, you may contact your nearest TE Office or send an e-mail to: yfej(a)