Get yourself a Sanssi card and find a job!

Are you young and jobless? Get a Sanssi card – it may open the doors to your future job.

Who can get a Sanssi card?

You can get a Sanssi card if

  • you are less than 30 years of age and have registered as an unemployed jobseeker with the TE Office.
  • if you are a young person who has recently graduated from comprehensive or upper secondary school, a Sanssi card can be issued to you if this is deemed appropriate by a TE office. However, your first option should be further studies.

What does a Sanssi card entitle you to?

  • If you have a Sanssi card, your employer will receive a subsidy towards your salary costs, and you will be paid the salary stated in the collective agreement.
  • The card will be valid for three months at a time when you are looking for a job.
  • Your employer may receive a pay subsidy for maximum 30, 40 or 50 % of your payroll costs depending on the duration of your unemployment.
    If you have been unemployed for less than a year, an employer that hires you may receive a subsidy covering maximum 30% of your payroll costs.  
    If you have been unemployed for a longer period, the subsidy may be more extensive and paid for a longer period.  A pay subsidy can be granted for the entire duration of training.
  • This pay subsidy is available for employment relationships that are valid until further notice or for a fixed term, and for part-time and full-time work.

Where can you get a job with a Sanssi card?

The employer may be

  • a company
  • a different community, such as an association, a foundation and a congregation
  • a municipality and a joint municipal authority
  • a household

How can you get a Sanssi card

A Sanssi card is easy to get.

1. Register as a jobseeker

If you are a new jobseeker,

 register as one online (in Finnish)

2. Make an appointment with the TE Office

  • Make an appointment with your nearest TE Office. At this meeting, you will get your Sanssi card.
  • Bring all your school and employment certificates.
  • In a personal interview that will take about an hour, you will discuss questions related to your education, training and job search with an employment or a youth adviser. At the same time, an employment plan can be drawn up for you.
  • The TE Office employee will also help you with writing job applications and preparing for the first job interview. If you already have an employer in mind, let the TE Office know straight away.
  • The card shows the employer that a pay subsidy can be granted to employ you. Please note, however, that your Sanssi card does not automatically guarantee that your employer will be entitled to a pay subsidy. The employer must submit an application to the TE Office in good time before the intended starting date of the work.

3. Contact interesting employers

  • It is important to be active in order to find a suitable employer.
  • Get to know employers and do not hesitate to contact them.
  • Remember to tell them that you have a Sanssi card which will bring substantial savings to the employer when they employ you.

4. Make an agreement with the employer and the TE Office.

  • To receive a subsidy, your employer must submit an application to the TE Office.
  • Your employment relationship can only start once the TE Office has granted the pay subsidy to your employer.

Sanssi card can help you find a job. But do remember that it is no replacement for being an active jobseeker!

Good luck with your search for a job!