If you become unemployed

Register as an unemployed jobseeker no later than on your first day of unemployment.

By E-services

Sign into the service with your personal online banking codes, a mobile certificate from your mobile operator or your smart ID card. 

  • You can edit and update information related to your job search. 
  • You can view information related to your unemployment security. 
  • You can carry out all tasks related to communication with the TE Office. 

E-services (in Finnish or Swedish) 

By visiting the TE Office

If you are unable to sign into E-services and you are a new jobseeker. Employment and economic development services are provided by 15 local TE Offices. See the sites of each individual office for their contact information, opening hours and information about local services.

Local TE-services (in Finnish or Swedish) 

By telephone

If you are unable to sign into E-services and you have previously been a customer. 

Telephone service for personal customers

See more detailed instructions: 

How to begin your job search

What should I do to apply for unemployment benefit? 

The entrepreneur and unemployment security 

Finding a job

How to use the services