Support for finding a job

It is a good idea to look for a job or a place in education actively and from many different sources. If you remain unemployed over an extended period or if you otherwise find it difficult to get a job, the TE Office will help you.

On the web you can find a versatile selection of information, experiences and support that will help you make choices.

  • Ammattinetti (Occupation information) provides information about various occupations, and you can read people's accounts of their careers. Finding your place in working life is not always easy – some of the persons telling their stories are real survivors.
  • The AVO programme will help you when you are making decisions about your career and education. The programme takes into account your interests and your abilities, but also any health-related and other restrictions that you may have.

The TE Office helps

Being active yourself is not always enough to get a job. There may be various reasons for your difficulties in finding work; for example, you may have stayed at home and cared for young children, you have been unemployed for a prolonged period, or an injury or illness makes it more difficult for you to find a job.

Personal guidance or financial support may be needed to facilitate your access to the job market. If you feel you are getting nowhere by yourself, contact the TE Office for help.

The TE Offices work together with such actors as the municipality, the Social Insurance Institution (Kela) and various job creation projects, which will increase your possibilities of finding a job. The path may sometimes be long and involve various combinations of services.