Integration services for immigrants

When you come to live in Finland, you can contact the Employment and Economic Development Office, or the TE Office, to ask for services that will support your integration and employment.

The TE Office will help you to find a job. The TE Office offers a large selection of services to support your jobseeking.

Early phase integration services specifically intended for immigrants include

  • guidance and advice for immigrants
  • an initial assessment
  • an integration plan
  • integration training.

Register as a jobseeker

There are two ways of registering as a jobseeker:

1. Via the E-services, if you can sign into the service with online banking codes, a mobile certificate from your mobile operator or a smart ID card and you are a citizen of an EU or EEA Member State.

2. If you cannot sign into E-services or are a citizen of other countries, you must visit the TE Office.

When you have registered as a jobseeker, we will contact your and arrange a time to meet with you.

When you visit the TE Office for the first time, bring with you

  • your passport or a certificate of your passport being held by the police
  • residence permit or a registration certificate of an EU citizen's right of residence
  • an extract from the Population Information System from a Local Register Office, a Kela card or other document showing that you have a Finnish personal identity code
  • certificates of employment and education translated into Finnish, Swedish or English.

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