A path to employment

In the recruitment trial, you can show how suitable you are for a work task and how well you can adapt to a work community before concluding an employment contract. The recruitment trial is particularly well-suited as a tool supporting your jobseeking efforts if you have the necessary professional skills and overall labour market capabilities.

As a service supporting employment, the recruitment trial is offered for a limited period, from the start of 2017 to the end of 2018.

The recruitment trial

  • is expected to lead to an employment relationship after the trial period and thus it is intended for situations where the employer is planning to recruit new workers. The company may have an openly advertised vacancy or a hidden vacancy that the employer can fill when it finds a suitable applicant.
  • is a voluntary arrangement. The trial can only take place if you and the employer arranging the trial submit a joint proposal to the TE Office. You can start the trial after the TE Office has approved and signed the agreement.
  • may last for a maximum of one month in one company. The time you spend in the company as a recruitment trial participant is deducted from the maximum trial period if the company employs you in the same or in similar tasks after the end of the trial.
  • is a voluntary arrangement for the jobseeker which means that there are no minimum working hours per day.

Benefits and compensations

You will receive the same benefits during the recruitment trial as when you are unemployed. The recruitment trial is not a service promoting employment referred to in the Unemployment Security Act, which means that you are not entitled to increased unemployment allowance on the basis of participating in the trial and it cannot be included in the obligation to work.

As the arrangement is on a voluntary basis, no unemployment security sanctions will be imposed if you refuse to take part or fail to complete the service. However, you must have valid reasons for refusing the work offered by the company or the TE Office during the trial or after it. Otherwise, the payment of your unemployment benefits will be discontinued. The valid reasons for refusal are laid down in the Unemployment Security Act.

As participation in the recruitment trial is not a condition for receiving unemployment benefits, no expense allowance is paid during the trial period.  Likewise, the TE Office cannot provide any reimbursement for travel and accommodation expenses arising from the participation in the recruitment trial.