On average, Finns retire between the ages of 63 and 68. In most cases, permanent residence in Finland entitles you to a pension.

Pensions normally accrue according to the legislation of the country where work is performed. When an employee or self-employed person retires, he/she is entitled to receive a pension from each country where pension security has been accrued. 

These pensions can be applied for through the pension institution of the country of permanent residence. The pension of a pensioner can be paid to his/her new country of residence.

The Finnish pension system also includes a guarantee pension for immigrants, which can be paid to immigrants who have lived in Finland for at least three years. Take into account that you must always apply for a pension. You can submit your pension application to Kela, an authorised pension provider or the Finnish Centre for Pensions.

If you move abroad after you have retired, acquire a certificate of the pension contributions you have paid in Finland before you move. You can obtain the certificate from the Finnish Centre for Pensions.