Impacts of Brexit for work and business

15.10.2019, updated 9.12.2019

The potential no-deal withdrawal of the United Kingdom of the European Union will affect the work permits of UK citizens in Finland and trade licences. In Finland, the no-deal Brexit will affect approximately 5,000 UK citizens living here. UK citizens living in Finland  may continue to stay, live, work and study in the country and receive social security benefits until the end of 2020 provided they  register their right of residence as EU citizens before the no-deal Brexit enters into force.

The European Council (Art. 50) endorsed the revised agreement and approved the revised declaration on 17 October 2019. The British Parliament and the European Parliament still have to give their consent to the agreement. The European Council agreed to delay the United Kingdom’s withdrawal date until 31 January 2020.

Information and links to information sources regarding the impacts of Brexit in the administrative sector of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.

The impacts of a no-deal Brexit on business and industry

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs monitors Britain’s exit from the EU. Here you’ll find information on the impact of Brexit for citizens and businesses.

Brexit and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs 

Information, for example, on the negotiation process and the withdrawal agreement and on how UK and Finnish citizens and businesses should prepare for a withdrawal without an agreement. 

Prime Minister's Office Finland: Information about Brexit