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null Joint application to higher education starts 5th of January

The first joint application of the spring to universities and universities of applied sciences (UAS) begins on Wednesday the 5th of January at 8:00. The joint application ends on Wednesday, the 19th of January at 15:00. 

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Those under 25 years of age are obliged to apply for education for studies beginning in the autumn

The obligation to apply for education leading to a qualification applies to applicants under 25 years of age, who are applying for labour market subsidy, and those applying for unemployment allowance from Kela or an unemployment fund. The obligation is based on the Unemployment Security Act.

The obligation to apply is fulfilled when you apply for at least two study places starting in the autumn, and you meet the admission requirements. You can also apply for vocational training through continuous application or apprenticeship training. The education applied for must lead to a vocational or higher education degree. The education may also take place abroad.

Students who have only completed comprehensive school can apply for two places in upper secondary school. The scope of the syllabus in upper secondary studies must be at least 75 courses or that they are organised at a boarding school.

A general upper secondary school for adults is only applicable if it has been agreed upon in advance with the TE Office.

Students graduating upper secondary school in the spring must apply for education beginning in the autumn.

Applying for education has an impact on unemployment security for persons under 25 years of age

You may lose your right to unemployment benefits from 1 September 2020 if:

  • You do not apply for a place to study without a valid reason
  • You prevent yourself to be chosen for the studies (for example, you do not participate in entrance examinations)
  • You refuse to accept a place to study that you are offered, or do not start the studies

If you later interrupt your studies without a valid reason, you cannot receive an unemployment benefit.

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