null New booklet and telephone advisory service to prevent abuse of seasonal workers and other persons arriving in Finland for work

The Ministry of Employment and the Economy publishes a booklet for workers arriving in Finland on employees’ rights and who to contact for help while also launching a multilingual advisory service for seasonal workers arriving from abroad. 

The Working in Finland booklet explains the terms of employment followed in Finland and advises what employees should do if they are exploited at work. The booklet also contains links to organisations that provide help to workers. Printed booklets will be handed out by Finnish diplomatic missions and the Finnish Immigration Service to workers with a residence permit or seasonal work permit, for example. The booklet is also available online as a browser version and in a printable PDF format.

The telephone advisory service will be open on weekdays from June 17 until 10 September. The service is open from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. and provides advice in Russian, English, Finnish and Swedish over the phone and by instant messaging. If necessary, an interpreter is provided for other languages. The number for the advisory service is +358 (0)40 6641707 or help(at) The service is also available online on the RIKU website (address down).

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