null Municipalities to take over TE services in 2024

In its mid-term policy review in spring 2021, the Government decided to continue preparations for the transfer of employment and economic development services (TE services) to municipalities. The services will be transferred to municipalities in 2024. At its meeting of 31 August 2021, the Ministerial Working Group on Promoting Employment decided on the principles that relate to the employment base of municipalities providing services, cooperation between municipalities and the transfer of staff.

The working group decided that the services would be transferred to a municipality or a cooperation area consisting of several municipalities, which have an employment base of at least 20,000 persons. This corresponds to the minimum size of the local government pilots on employment, which are currently under way. This will ensure that sufficient resources are available for organising TE services and that the services are equally accessible to jobseekers throughout Finland.

Ministries, TE services, ELY Centres, KEHA Centre, municipalities and other stakeholders are currently preparing the transfer of TE services together.  As preparations continue, the Ministerial Working Group on Promoting Employment will outline more policies.

The reform will cause changes in regional administration. To the extent that the services of TE Offices are not transferred to municipalities, they will be transferred to ELY Centres or the KEHA Centre. More detailed policies on the services that will be transferred will be outlined in autumn.

The working group stated at its meeting that the staff of TE Offices would be transferred to municipalities applying the transfer-of-business principle in accordance with the Civil Servants Act along with their duties and, as a rule, with existing job descriptions.

The local government pilots on employment, which began on 1 March 2021, will be extended until the permanent transfer of TE services to municipalities.

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Municipalities to take over TE services in 2024 – ministerial working group decides on principles of reform, 1.9.2021 (