null Applications for employment policy project support will be submitted online in the regional government e-service

Employment and Economic Development Services (TE Services) become increasingly electronic as the regional administration e-service will be used when applying for employment policy project support. Applications for employment policy project support will be submitted online in the regional government e-service from 18 October 2021.

Employment policy project support is a form of funding through which TE Offices may procure, in project form, services for their clients. The TE Offices may define, in connection with each application round, for what kinds of activities or what target groups funding will be granted. The central goal must be to increase employment of unemployed job seekers.

The support will remain unchanged - only the application will change

The application for employment policy project support is filled in and sent to the TE Office, including its appendices, via the regional administration e-service, in which you can log in with e-Authorisations. Applying for support in the e-service will replace the application form that are printed and saved.

Using online services reduces the number of inadequate applications and speeds up decision-making. The e-service guides the application process and checks that the application contains all important information. You will receive information of the receipt of a decision and the possible needs to supplement the application directly in the e-service.

Authorisation ensures the right of representation

To apply for support, authorisation is required to ensure that the person who prepares and sends the application for support has the right to represent the community. No separate e-Authorisation is required if, according to the information in the e-service, the user has the right to sign for the company and the role assigned to a company/organisation entitles them to use the e-service.

Log in to the e-service using e-Identification, banking IDs, a mobile certificate, or an ID card with a chip. The authorisations of a person are checked automatically when they log in to the e-service.

More information on applying for employment policy project support

For more detailed information and instructions on how to apply for employment policy project support, visit our website.

The precise application periods for applying for support and the emphases related to the activities supported can be found on the local TE Office websites.