null Working Life Barometer 2020: Coronavirus pandemic causes a huge leap towards remote working

According to preliminary data from the Working Life Barometer, the coronavirus pandemic has increased uncertainty among wage and salary earners about their job security compared to 2019, but to a significantly smaller degree than during any other economic crisis in the 30-year history of the Barometer. Remote work, the use of lay-offs and support measures introduced for companies have alleviated fears of redundancy among wage and salary earners compared with previous economic crises.

“The coronavirus pandemic has hit the labour market hard. We have been able to mitigate the adverse effects by safeguarding people’s livelihoods and providing support to companies. However, the pandemic is not over yet,” says Minister of Employment Tuula Haatainen.

About half of wage and salary earners had worked remotely in 2020. The majority of those who worked remotely during the epidemic were satisfied with the arrangement. The coronavirus pandemic brought nearly a decade’s leap towards remote work.

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