null Finnish and Swedish at work -trainings to support foreign employees



Finnish and Swedish at work- trainings are now available through joint procurement.

The objective of the trainings is to enhance the capacity of personnel with a foreign background to cope with their everyday work tasks in Finnish or Swedish. In the training, the content of language instruction focuses on, for example, the professional vocabulary needed in the tasks, the communicative situations encountered at work, the customer service situations or, for example, the company's occupational safety material or other material.

The trainings are tailored to the needs of the company and the trainees. The objective, content, duration, and method of implementation of the trainings will be agreed upon with the employer.

The trainings are equally suitable for the needs of small, medium, and large enterprises. The public sector – the state, municipalities, joint municipal authorities, and parishes can also use the service.

The trainings can flexibly be used at different stages of the company, especially when changes occur in the company's operations that require the professional competence of the entrepreneur and/or the company's personnel to be updated. The trainings can be implemented in the form of Targeted Training, Recruitment Training, and Change Training.

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