null 332,800 unemployed jobseekers in January


At the end of January, a total of 332,800 unemployed jobseekers were registered at the Employment and Economic Development Offices. This is 81,200 more than a year earlier. The number of unemployed jobseekers decreased by 24,500 from the previous month. The number of unemployed jobseekers also includes those fully laid off. These figures are from the Employment Bulletin of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.

At the end of January, the number of people laid off was 75,100 in the whole country; a year-on-year increase of 50,700. The number of people fully laid off decreased by 20,000 from December.

The number of unemployed jobseekers aged under 25 was 40,200, representing an increase of 9,500 from January last year. Among unemployed young people, the period of unemployment ended within three months in 51.7 percent of cases in January; down by 12.8 percentage points from the previous year.

Decrease in new vacancies

The number of new vacancies reported to Employment and Economic Development Offices during January totalled 83,600, or 9,200 less than in January the previous year. In all, the number of unfilled vacancies at Employment and Economic Development Offices in January amounted to 129,900, showing a decrease of 16,400 from last year.

Statistics Finland: Unemployment rate 8.7%

According to the Labour Force Survey issued by Statistics Finland, in January the number of people in employment was 61,000 less than on the previous year. The employment rate was 69.9%, which was 2.0 percentage points lower than in January the year before. According to the Survey, the unemployment total was 235,000, which is 41,000 more than a year ago. The unemployment rate was 8.7%, or 1.6 percentage points higher than the previous year.

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