null Graduating but no work?


If you don´t have a job when you graduate, register as a job seeker at the TE Office. That will improve your possibilities to find work and ensure your right to unemployment benefits.

You can register before your studies have ended. Put the first day after the graduation as your first unemployed day. If you register after your studies have ended, will your right to unemployment benefits start earliest from the day you register.

Register as a job seeker

The best and fastest way is to use the e-services. Sign into the service with your personal online banking codes, a mobile certificate from your mobile operator or your smart ID card.

Note all employment during the last two years and all other significant jobs and studies.

If you cannot access the E-services, you can register at a TE Office or at the phone service.

After registration

After submitting the registration, you will receive an acknowledgement of reception that will include the information you submitted, the period for which your job search is valid and instructions on how to proceed. Read it carefully.

If your situation need personal service, will we contact you within two weeks by phone or letter. Keep your contact information up to date.

The TE Services will notify your unemployment fund or KELA of your entitlement to unemployment benefit.

Apply for unemployment benefit from the payer

You must have a valid job search in order to be eligible for unemployment benefits.

Act according to the instructions from KELA or your unemployment fund. Typically are new job seekers eligible for labour market subsidy paid by KELA. If you are a member of an unemployment fund, and meet the work requirement, apply for earnings-related unemployment allowance from the fund.

Your waiting period (5 days) will also only begin once you have started your job search. During the waiting period, no unemployment benefit will be paid.

Be active

When you have registered as a jobseeker, can you be presented to employers looking for employees. Being a jobseeker does however not replace your own activity. Start looking for jobs even before graduating or right after that.

More help with finding a job

If you need more assistance with finding a job or don´t know how to proceed, contact a Guidance Centre. The Guidance Centre is place where anyone under the age of 30 may receive help free of charge in matters relating to work, education/training or everyday life.

There are currently 45 Guidance Centres around Finland in almost 100 municipalities.