null About to graduate but no work lined up?

Congratulations on your graduation!

If you do not have a job lined up immediately after completing your studies, you should register as a jobseeker at the TE Office. This way, you can ensure your livelihood and improve your employment opportunities.

You can register in advance before your studies end. In this case, enter the day following your graduation as the first day of unemployment. If you register as a jobseeker only after graduation, your right to unemployment security begins at the earliest from the date of registration.

Register as a jobseeker

The best and fastest way to use our services is to use our E-Services

Report all your employment relationships from the last two years as well as all other employment relationships and education information relevant to your job search.

If you are unable to use our electronic services, you can register by calling the telephone service or by using a paper form. Check the webpage of your nearest TE Office for instructions regarding the coronavirus situation.

Local TE-Offices

After registering

You will receive a notification of receipt at the end of your registration. Read it carefully and follow the instructions. The notification will tell you how long your registration is valid.

If your situation requires one-on-one service, we will contact you by phone or mail within two weeks of the start of your job search. So keep your contact details up to date in the E-Services. If we assess that you do not need expert services, we will not contact you.

Once we have determined your entitlement to unemployment benefit, we will send a statement to Kela or an unemployment fund for the payment of your unemployment benefit.

Apply for unemployment benefit

Your registration for TE Services must be valid in order to receive unemployment benefit.

When you are applying for unemployment benefit, follow the instructions provided by Kela or your unemployment fund. Typically, recent graduates receive labour market support. If the applicant has completed vocational education and has a sufficient work history, they may receive basic unemployment allowance. An unemployment fund may also pay earnings-related daily allowance if the applicant is a member of a fund and has sufficient employment history.

The waiting period (5 days) begins when you have started your job search. No unemployment benefit will be paid for the waiting period.

Look for employment independently

After registering as a jobseeker, you will be included when we look for suitable persons for vacancies reported to the TE Office. However, having been registered as a jobseeker is no replacement for your own active efforts to find employment. So start applying for jobs before graduating or immediately after graduation.

More help for jobseeking

If you need help finding a job, or if you do not know what to do next, contact your local Guidance Centre.

The Guidance Centre is a place where anyone under the age of 30 may receive help free of charge in matters relating to work, education/training or everyday life.

There are currently 45 Guidance Centres around Finland in almost 100 municipalities.

Read more about Guidance Centres