Obtain skilled employees through apprenticeship training

Apprenticeship training is a way of obtaining skilled employees trained specifically for your company's needs. Apprenticeship training is suitable for vocational and further vocational education and training.

An apprenticeship training agreement is a fixed-term employment contract. It is binding to the student, the employer, the educational institution and the education provider.

During the apprenticeship training, the employer will

  • assign to the student tasks that he or she must master in order to work in an occupation or obtain a qualification
  • organise the work so that the student can pursue studies in an educational institution
  • pay the student the salary indicated in the collective agreement.

If an apprenticeship training agreement is concluded with an unemployed person, the employer may be eligible for a pay subsidy. To apply for a pay subsidy, the employer must contact the TE Office.

Advice and additional information

Apprenticeship training offices and centres provide advice in questions related to concluding an agreement and the practical arrangements.

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