RecruitmentTraining for companies looking for employees

RecruitmentTraining is a good option for employers who are having difficulties finding skilled employees and new experts on the field are not expected to graduate any time soon.

Recruitment Training

  • is tailored to your business needs
  • usually lasts 3-9 months; minimum duration is 10 training days
  • teaches students professional skills required in their work with the employer
  • can also be planned in cooperation with several employers.

People who have successfully completed the training will be employed in the company. Graduates of RecruitmentTraining can also get employed in a hired-labour agency or as an entrepreneur contracted by the employer.

RecruitmentTraining aims to answer the demands of working life. The goal can be additional or supplementary training or training to prepare for a change of career. The training includes both theory lessons and supervised on-the-job learning and practice.

RecruitmentTraining does not lead to a partial or completed degree.

Employer and TE Services as service organisers

The employer and the employment and economic development administration provide funding for the training together. The employer pays 30 per cent of the total cost specified in the procurement contract.

Standard orientation and personnel training cannot be funded as RecruitmentTraining since the employer is responsible for funding these trainings.

The employment and economic development administration

  • offers professional help in planning and organising the training
  • contributes to costs
  • organises a tender competition for a training service provider specialising on the company’s field.

The employer and the employment and economic development administration select the students together.

RecruitmentTraining - what happens next?

  1. Planning the training
  • The employer contacts the local TE Office and submits the proposal via the electronic  form.
  • The employer and the representative of TE Services assess the training requirements of the persons being hired and prepare a preliminary training plan for the company.

Employer's proposal on joint purchase training (

  1. Finding a training service provider

The employment and economic administration invites service provider candidates to tender in accordance with public procurement procedures. The parties choose the training provider together. The parties enter into a procurement contract to determine the details of the training.

  1. Marketing and advertising the training

The parties agree on the marketing of the training and how the company will be presented in related media releases. When planning the training, as an employer you can also consider whether you would also like to publish the RecruitmentTraining as an open position to ensure that you find students.

  1. Student selection

The employer, the training provider and the employment and economic development administration agree on the selection of students.

  1. The training process

The set objectives and the procurement agreement determine the details of training schedules, content and on-the-job learning.

  1. Monitoring and evaluation

The parties monitor and assess the progression of the training together.

  1. Entering into employment contracts

The employer hires the students that have successfully completed the training.