Recruit from abroad

Foreign employees do not need to visit a tax office because of a tax card or a tax number

This year, a foreign employee working in Finland for the first time may, by way of exception, receive a tax card without visiting a tax office in person due to the coronavirus situation. The Tax Administration provides the employee with a tax number and a tax card based on information submitted in a form by the customer.

The procedure is valid until 30 September 2021. 

Labor from abroad

If the employer has not found a suitable employee in Finland, they can search for labour abroad.  The employer can also utilise a labour market area larger than Finland in larger-scale recruitments. However, keep in mind that hiring a foreign employee may require a permit.

The employer may also hire a foreign trainee for the company.

Hiring an employee from Europe

Hiring an employee from outside EU/EEA countries

Experts at TE Offices and employer services can also advice you in matters related to the recruitment of workers in countries outside Europe.

The employment of non-EU, EEA and Swiss nationals in Finland usually requires an employee's residence permit. In addition, employment usually requires a valid residence permit even if the employee's residence permit is not required.

Equal treatment

The same terms of employment and occupational safety requirements apply to foreign and Finnish workers.