EURES assists with recruitments from Europe

EURES (European Employment Services) is a comprehensive European cooperation network and a high-quality public service that brings employees and employers together in all of Europe.

Join in as a EURES Service Provider

EURES experts trained and specialised in European employment services help with recruitment processes in all EU and EEA countries. The unique network employs about 1,000 experts. EURES helps 50,000 jobseekers find work in a different country every year.

EURES experts

  • know the European labour market and act as a middleman in recruitment
  • help find a suitable target country and start the recruitment process
  • find a local partner for cooperation
  • assist in participating in job fairs and promote the company's vacancies
  • organise a recruitment event in the target country if needed
  • respond to applicants' enquiries and receive applications
  • make a pre-selection if necessary - the employer always makes the final decision
  • advise foreign employees in matters related to migration and Finnish working life

You can find free EURES services at the nearest TE Office. In addition, TE Offices' Employer and Enterprise Services experts can give advice on matters related to the recruitment of foreign labour.

EURES portal and events help with recruitment

A great tool for recruitment is the EURES portal with its European vacancies and CV database. Employers can advertise job vacancies and browse jobseeker’s CVs in the portal.

The EURES portal (

Employers may also join the experts at recruitment events held in different European countries. Alternatively, the company can:

  • attend the job fair and interview job seekers
  • submit their job advertisement to an expert who promotes it to suitable applicants
  • participate in European recruitment fairs virtually through the Online service.

Attending job fairs is usually free of charge. The employer pays for their own trips and accommodation.