Support for recruiting from Europe

TE Services also provides paid support services for companies that recruit from abroad. These services are implemented in close cooperation with the EURES network, which covers the whole of Europe.

The training and testing is acquired by the Labour Mobility in Europe (ESR) project in collaboration with the TE Office, client company and training provider. The employer only pays for 30-50% of the total training cost. The rest is provided as de minimis aid by the Labour Mobility in Europe (ESR) project.

Country of origin training

Training that is provided for social and health care sector companies that are recruiting employees from Greece or Spain.

Country of origin training is Finnish language and culture training that is provided alongside the recruitment and begins in the country of origin of the employee who is to be recruited.

Country of origin training speeds up the beginning of the work in Finland and helps the employee integrate and settle in Finland.  

The contents and objectives of the training are tailored according to the wishes and needs of the client company and those participating in the training.

Professional skill testing

Training for companies that are recruiting employees from abroad.

Professional skill testing is conducted in connection with the recruitment in the country of origin to confirm professional skills of the potential recruit for the task that they are being recruited for.

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