Trainee from abroad

There are at least the following options for hiring a foreign trainee:

The EURES portal / Drop'pin@EURES

As an employer, you can advertise not only job vacancies for free on the EURES portal, but also traineeships and apprenticeships. The portal has its own section called Drop’pin @Eures, where you can find more information about these options. If you register on the EURES portal as an employer, you can publish your traineeships and apprenticeships in the My Youth Opportunities section. If you want to access the service without registering, you can study the service from the applicants' point of view via the following link.

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Internships through educational institutions

The Finnish National Agency for Education coordinates many internship and exchange programs, through which it may be possible to get a student from abroad to do an internship. You can get acquainted with the alternatives on the website of National Agency of Education

International competences and working life (

EU mobility projects

The European Commission has several different projects to support European mobility. The projects support not only European jobseekers but also employers in finding workers and trainees for jobs, traineeships and apprenticeships and / or provide financial support for employee introductory costs. You can find out more about the projects on our website in the following sections:


In terms of internships, TE Services also co-operates with private EURES partners, such as Allianssi Youth Exchanges.

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