Report a vacancy

If you have a vacancy, report it to the TE Office. Prepare your advertisement carefully - for advice, see this page.

It is a good idea to report a vacancy to the TE Office online

E-Services (in Finnish)

When you conclude a cooperation agreement with the TE Office as an employer, you will be assigned an online ID. You can use your online ID to update or delete your job advertisements and use an old advertisement as a template when writing a new one.

Using your ID in online services will speed up recruitments, as information about the vacancy will be directly saved in the TE Office's customer information system.

You can also give the information concerning your vacancy to the local TE Office by telephone or using an open online form. The TE Office will then contact you to discuss the assignment in detail.

Report a vacancy using an online form

TE Offices also continue to serve employers in the areas covered by the local government trial on employment. Municipalities included in the local government trial on employment also have the opportunity to receive job advertisements and publish them in the TE Office's Vacancies service. 

Employer’s services during the local government trials on employment

Vacancies abroad

The acceptance and publishing of vacancies that are situated in other countries follow the same principles and quality criteria as the vacancies situated in Finland. Vacancies abroad are published by EURES advisors.

TE offices do not have a legal obligation to publish vacancies outside the contract countries. Publishing such vacancies in Vacancies –service is always determined on a case by case basis.

If you need advice or additional information, contact Enterprise Finland's helpline.

Enterprise Finland's helpline for startups and working enterprises (

Make your job advertisement accurate

The aim is that the recruitment will be a fast, reliable and productive process for both employers and jobseekers. This is why your job advertisement should be informative, well thought out and realistic. The job description should be clear.

A good job advertisement contains the following information

  • name of the company and the employer
  • job title
  • job description
  • special skills required
  • educational requirements if necessary
  • working hours
  • start date and duration of the employment relationship
  • location of the workplace
  • salary
  • contact information
  • how to apply

If the advertisement concerns hired labour and direct recruitment – in other words, a recruitment that has been assigned to a recruitment agency – we recommend also indicating the name of the customer company in the advertisement.

Avoimet paikat – the most popular recruitment service in Finland

The TE Office's Avoimet paikat service is the largest free recruitment service in the country.

Some 14–18 million job searches are run on our website monthly, and the Paikkavahti service sends jobseekers 3–4 million e-mail messages about vacancies every month.

Avoimet työpaikat (Vacancies) (in Finnish)