Support for recruitment

A diverse work community consists of different types of people. Some of them may need slightly more induction training or support to cope in working life. This page contains information about subsidies available for those recruiting an unemployed person.

For example, the TE Office may subsidise an employer who hires

  • an unemployed person who needs more support than usual in order to find a job
  • a young person looking for his or her first job
  • a disabled worker who would like to apply his or her skills in working life.

Subsidies for employers

The starting point of the subsidies granted by the TE Office, or pay subsidy and subsidy for arranging working conditions, is the unemployed person's needs. The employer needs to find a skilled employee for a job. The new, suitable employee may be a jobseeker whose efforts to find a job are supported. A disabled worker, a person having been unemployed for a long period or a young person may also have the required skills and the right attitude towards working and learning.

Assistance from a job coach

Job coach services available from the TE Office offer you personal support in finding a job.

Before the parties enter into an employment relationship or at the beginning of the relationship, a job coach may also assist an employer who may wish to

  • apply to the TE Office for a subsidy
  • coordinate the subsidised person's pension and pay
  • assess the need for a subsidy for arranging working conditions.

A municipality that is part of the local government pilot on employment may grant the pay subsidy instead of a TE Office in order to promote the employment of an unemployed jobseeker. 

Employer’s services during the local government pilots on employment