Offer a work try-out

By offering an opportunity for a work try-out at the workplace, you can help a young person choose a career or a person returning to the labour market to map out their competence. Participants in work try-outs get to know professions and the work environment in practice. 

Work try-out 

  • is not an employment relationship so no salary is paid for its duration
  • is not a trial period for the job
  • does not count towards annual holidays or pensions. 

In most cases, participants in work try-outs can receive unemployment benefits and expense allowance.

Arranging a work try-out can help you as an employer

  • You will get to know the person during the try-out, giving you the chance to later hire someone who already knows how things in the company work. 
  • You can apply for a pay subsidy for hiring the person.

Post an online job ad for work try-outs

If you want to offer an opportunity for a work try-out in your organisation, you can post an advertisement through Enterprise and Employer E-Services. If you cannot use the e-services, you can contact the TE Office about the try-out.

Once the TE Office has approved your offer for a work try-out, jobseekers can see suitable offers for work try-outs on E-Services and contact the employer directly.

Alternatively, you can also notify the municipality that is part of the local government pilot on employment about a work try-out opportunity. 

Employer’s services during the local government pilots on employment