Instructions for completing the TEM054 form

The employer should fill out the TEM054 form carefully. An incomplete form will slow down the application process!

Please note that according to the Aliens Act, the terms of employment assured on the TEM054 form constitute the minimum terms of employment; the employer and employee cannot enter into an employment contract with worse conditions.

The TEM054 form must be signed by a liable person authorised by the company. If the employer wishes to extend the number of persons who are authorised to sign the form, a liable person authorised by the company must provide the TE Office with a list of persons who are authorised to sign the TEM054 form.

Once the employer has filled out theTEM054 form, it can be attached to the application via Enter Finland. The employee may also submit the form to the Finnish Immigration Service or the Finnish Embassy along with the residence permit application.

Please also note that we will send any requests for additional information to the postal and/or e-mail address stated on the TEM054 form.

Main terms and conditions of work(Section 4)

Principal duties

Please indicate the applicant’s duties. The main duties must be clearly indicated (e.g. "chef" or "cleaner"). If the applicant has several main duties (e.g. "cleaning and cooking"), the division of duties shall be indicated (e.g. in percentages).

Duration and nature of work

Indicate whether the employment relationship is temporary (fixed-term) or permanent (open-ended). Specify the start date of the employment relationship and the end date of a fixed-term employment relationship.

Grounds for temporary employment

If the employment relationship is temporary, a justified reason for the fixed-term employment shall always be provided.

Trial period

Indicate whether the employment relationship includes a trial period, and if so, state the length of the trial period in months.

Main working district

Indicate the locality where the employee will primarily be employed. If there is no primary locality or there are several employment localities, indicate all of the localities and include an assessment of how the working hours are distributed between the localities in percentages.

Collective agreement applied in the work

Specify the entire official name of the collective agreement applied in the employment relationship.


Specify the exact salary in euros and whether it is an hourly or monthly salary. In addition, specify the grounds for determining the salary(e.g. time or performance) and the pay period. Make sure that the indicated salary is in line with the salary regulations of the relevant collective agreement.

Tax value of fringe benefits

List all the fringe benefits and specify their exact tax value. In addition, specify if the benefits are included in the salary or added to the indicated salary. Check the value of the fringe benefits with the Finnish Tax Administration.

Regular working hours

Specify the employee’s regular working hours per week, month or period. If the job is not full-time, indicate the minimum working hours.

Determination of annual holidays

Specify whether the annual holiday is determined according to the collective agreement or the Annual Holidays Act.

Period of notice

Specify period of notice or grounds for determining the period of notice.

Layoff report

Specify if the employer has given notice to employees with same or similar duties during the preceding 9 months, due to financial or production-related reasons, or in connection with reorganization proceedings.

Attachments to a residence permit application for an employed person (TTOL)

If you wish to expedite the processing of your application, please make sure that all the required documents are attached to the application. If the original document is written in a language other than Finnish, Swedish or English, the document must be translated by an authorised translator into one of the languages referred to above.

The attachments can be submitted electronically using the Enter Finland service,ift he employee has given his or her consent for the employer to use the service.

Please note that we will send the possible requests for additional information to the postal and/or e-mail address specified on the TEM054 form.

Report on the recruitment of labour

A free-form report on the recruitment of labour force from the Finnish and EU/EEA area labour market (if it is the first residence permit application of an employee). The report must indicate the number of persons who contacted the employer and the reasons for not employing them.

Certificate of professional skills

As a rule, employees are required to possess professional skills suitable for the task assured. In order to clarify the applicant’s professional expertise, attach the applicant’s employment and/or school certificates from the relevant field to the application. An authorised translator must translate the certificates into either Finnish, Swedish or English.

Health certificates

A salmonella certificate if the person is performing tasks referred to in section 56 of the Infectious Diseases Act and/or a tuberculosis certificate if the person is performing tasks referred to in section 55 of the Infectious Diseases Act.

Statutory insurance certificates

Certificates, no more than three months old, from the insurance company on the employer’s statutory insurance premiums (TyEL insurance, accident insurance and, if required by the collective agreement, employees’ group life insurance), a certificate from the Employment Fund on the payment of unemployment insurance contributions, and a possible payment plan from the insurance company to fulfil the obligations.

Certificate on the provision of statutory occupational health care

A certificate or valid contract on the provision of the statutory occupational health care services.

Accountant’s statement on the employer’s abilities

An auditor's or accountant’s statement concerning the company's capacity to fulfil their statutory employer obligations, if the company was established during the previous year. The statement must indicate the name of the accounting or auditing company, the date and the business ID of the company providing the statement.

Report on projects and contracts

A detailed report on the ongoing and upcoming projects and contracts, including the contract agreements, for which foreign labour force is required. The contract agreement must include the name and address of the contract or working site, as well as the duration of the contract and a list of the relevant work tasks.

Report on the number of employees

The report shall indicate the number of employees in the company. If the company has part-time employees performing tasks equivalent to that stated in the residence permit application, a free-formed report stating if these part-time employees been offered a full-time job.

Payslips from individual pay periods

To verify that the employee has a regular income, attach the payslips from individual pay periods indicating the salaries and other possible benefits or compensation paid to the employee. Please attach the payslips from the period of validity of the previous residence permit.