Instructions on granting the right to grant mandates

Valid service guidelines are observed in granting the right to grant mandates

  • Identify yourself with service using your Finnish banking codes, smart ID card or mobile certificate and go to the mandates. On the e-Authorizations home page, select whose mandates you want to go to.
    • You can request a mandate on behalf of a company, association or other organisation by selecting a personal mandate.
    • You can authorise a person or persons to act on behalf of a company, association or other organisation when you have an existing mandate or a right based on register data by selecting a company mandate.
  • The parties between whom a given mandate is being sought is selected in the Parties section.
    • If you are applying for a mandate personally, add a company, association or other organisation from which you are applying for a mandate for transactions.
    • If you are granting authorisation using an existing mandate or a right based on register data, add the persons you want to authorise to act on behalf of a company, association or other organisation. You can add more than one assignee at a time.
    • If the mandate cannot be granted, apply for a mandate service provided by officials from the Digital and Population Data Services Agency in accordance with separate instructions.
  • The Mandate themes section specifies the matter for which authorisation is being sought or granted. The mandate theme used for the employment policy project support is called “Applying for subsidies for employment, environment, business and transport” (TYPO). You can find it conveniently by filtering the customer category to "State aid".
  • In the Specifier section, the mandate theme is clarified by activating the Enable specifier button. After enabling the button, the mandate theme is specified by adding TYPO as the suborganisation identifier. If you authorise more than one person on behalf of a company, association, or other entity, add the appropriate suborganisation identifier for all persons. The assignee may apply for employment policy project support beginning on 18 October 2021 and apply for a funding advance or payment beginning on 3 January 2022.
  • The Validity section specifies the period of validity of the mandate. Select the start and end dates you want for the mandate. The start date for authorisation of employment policy project support can be set beginning on 18 October 2021. A mandate may be valid for a minimum of 24 hours and a maximum of 25 years.
  • Check the summary of the mandate for transactions and confirm the mandate request or grant the mandate.
    • The mandate request will only become a mandate once it has been approved by the recipient of the request.
    • The mandate granted is valid from the start date after it has been confirmed.

Valid mandates, mandate requests and expired mandates can be found in e-Authorizations.

Mandate service provided by officials

The right to grant mandates can also be granted through the mandate service provided by officials. The registration of e-Authorizations is intended for organisations that are unable to authorise independently in e-Authorizations. These types of organisations include municipalities, parishes and educational institutions. Others grant and invalidate authorisations independently in e-Authorizations.

An organisation representative can apply for the registration of mandates by submitting a mandate application in the web service.