Quality of working life

Competitive and productive companies create new jobs and provide their customers good service. A successful company also ensures the well-being of its personnel and the quality of working life.

Successful employers

  • create new products, services and work methods
  • encourage and reward good performance
  • are focused on networking, learning and inclusion
  • invest in leadership, management, cooperation and assets
  • develop new working methods and improve the appeal of the job

In the future, it will be increasingly important that the company ensures a high-quality place of work for their employees. Investing in the quality of work and the motivation and well-being of personnel also creates a sustainable basis for economic success.

Operating methods are tested under changing conditions

The company's operating environment is constantly changing and sometimes changes can happen very quickly.

If the company has good operating methods, facing new challenges is never impossible: the company can find and utilise the new opportunities brought about by changes. This requires that the entire staff have more opportunities to express their ideas and assume responsibility. The importance of leadership and management is highlighted.

Investment in the quality of work must be seen as an intangible investment. Often this can mean simple everyday things.

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