Training for entrepreneurs

When you are considering enterprising as a career choice, or you wish to start or have started your own business, you can take part in entrepreneurial career coaching or entrepreneur training.

You can flexibly combine starting your business with taking part in entrepreneur training. For more information about this option, see the page A startup grant supports a new entrepreneur. Training that aims for completing a further vocational qualification for entrepreneurs or one of its modules is also organised as labour market training.

A startup grant supports a new entrepreneur

Career coaching introduces you to enterprising

If you are interested in enterprising or considering it as an option, career coaching will offer you a possibility of getting to know enterprising as an alternative to paid employment.


  • gives you a general idea of enterprising
  • illustrates the practical aspects of setting up a business and working as an entrepreneur
  • surveys and assesses the participants' skills and capacities for enterprising.

Entrepreneur training supports you in setting up a business

When you are planning to set up a business, you can take part in short-term entrepreneur training organised as labour market training which provides basic information about

  • enterprising
  • setting up a business
  • various aspects of enterprising, including funding, marketing, communications, taxation and financial administration.

The training helps students to develop their business ideas and supports the drawing up of business plans.

Training for setting up a busines

In training for setting up a business the students can gain a more comprehensive understanding of the steps needed to set up a business and develop their business idea and plan further.

For example, the training provides more in-depth knowledge about

  • funding, accounting and taxation
  • marketing
  • the risks of enterprising
  • acting as an employer

The aim may be to develop areas that the entrepreneur finds problematic and to promote cooperation between enterprises. The training may aim for completing a further vocational qualification for entrepreneurs or one of its modules.