Personnel development and changes at the workplace

Jointpurchase training

A company or other employer can train their current or new employees in cooperation with TE Services. TE Services often plan and implement vocational training in cooperation with employers.

Joint purchase training allows the company to

  • find skilled employees if experts needed in the company are not expected to graduate soon
  • receive basic or additional vocational training tailored to their staff that they can attend e.g. during temporary lay-offs;
  • help staff members dismissed for economic or production-related reasons to find a new profession or job or support temporarily laid off employees.

The TE Office helps companies organise the training. In joint purchase training, the employer participates in the funding and student selection of the training. In addition to their employees, new or current entrepreneurs can also participate in the training, as well as temporary agency workers working in the company.

Training and coaching related to recruitment and entrepreneurship

Notification to the TE Office of the start of change negotiations

The TE Office can advise companies with downsizing their personnel. Advisory services can also be organised at the employer’s premises as information sessions. The TE Office can help you with matters related to transition security, unemployment security, job search etc. The advisory service is free of charge.

An employer within the scope of the Cooperation Act must always notify the TE Office in writing when employer/employee negotiations start at the latest at the beginning of the negotiations if they might lead to lay-offs or personnel reductions, regardless of how many employees are subject to the negotiations.

Transition security for employers

Unemployment security for entrepreneurs

The entrepreneur and unemployment security