Training and coaching related to staff and entrepreneurship

Cooperating with TE Services, you can get training for yourself or for your employees.

This page lists various training and coaching services that TE Services can help you organise.

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Training new or current employees

Täsmäkoulutus Training (targeted training) is basic or additional vocational training tailored to the needs of the company and its personnel. The goal of the training is for students who have completed the training to be employed in the company.

Täsmäkoulutus targeted training

Change Training (MuutosKoulutus) allows companies to take responsibility for the future of their employees when their contract ends or is terminated for production-related or financial reasons. The training is also suitable for times when staff are temporarily laid off and it is not certain if they can go back to work.

Change Training

You might find the employee of your dreams in labour force training.

 On-going labour market training (in Finnish)

You can also obtain various licences and certificates through labour market training organised by the TE Services. If you’re looking to hire someone who does not have a required licence or qualification certificate, get in touch with the TE Services in your area and ask about your options to obtain the licence or certificate in question.

Local TE Services (in Finnish)

RecruitmentTraining is a good option for employers who are having difficulties finding skilled employees and new experts on the field are not expected to graduate any time soon.


The objective of the Finnish and Swedish at work -trainings is to enhance the capacity of personnel with a foreign background to cope with their everyday work tasks in Finnish or Swedish. The trainings are tailored to the needs of the company and the trainees. The trainings can be implemented in the form of Targeted Training, Recruitment Training, and Change Training.

An employee in apprenticeship training is also completing a vocational degree or parts of it while working in your company

Entrepreneurship training

There are different ways to get entrepreneurship training

Entrepreneurship training

Support and coaching for international work communities

Country of origin training is Finnish language and culture training that is provided alongside the recruitment and begins in the country of origin of the employee who is to be recruited.

The EURES service can also test the foreign employee’s professional skills in their home country.

Support services for European recruitment

More information

You can also get more information on training and coaching services on the telephone service for employer and enterprise clients.

Telephone service for employer and enterprise clients