Change Training

Change Training (MuutosKoulutus) allows companies to take responsibility for the future of their employees when their contract ends or is terminated for production-related or financial reasons. The training is also suitable for times when staff are temporarily laid off and it is not certain if they can go back to work. Change Training is also suitable for employers on the public sector.

What is Change Training

Change Training

  • helps employees find a new job after being made redundant
  • length of training is case-specific but at least 10 days
  • Change Training does not lead to a partial or completed degree.

Participants typically become employed by other employers or in their own businesses.

Planning and funding of the training

The training programme is tailored to suit the needs of the participants. The employment and economic development administration participates in the planning of the contents of the training and finds the training service provider. The employer and the employment and economic development administration select the students together.

The employer and the employment and economic development administration provide funding for the training together. The employer contribution is 20% of the total costs of the training. Standard orientation and personnel training cannot be funded as Change Training since the employer is responsible for funding these trainings.

If an employee is dismissed, the cooperation between the employer, employees and the employment and economic administration is regulated by the legislation on change security.

More information

For more information on the practices and funding shares of Change Training and change security, you can click on the links on the right column or contact your local TE Office or ELY Centre.