TäsmäKoulutus Training

TäsmäKoulutus Training (targeted training) is tailored training that your current staff can attend when the company's operations or the technology it uses changes. The training helps the entrepreneur or employees update their skills to correspond to the new requirements. It also aims to prevent lay-offs or dismissals. The training can be provided during fixed-term lay-offs or instead of them.

TäsmäKoulutus Training can be helpful especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. The entrepreneur can also participate in the training as well as the company's temporary agency workers working at the company. The public sector can also get TäsmäKoulutus Training - this includes the state, municipalities, joint municipal authorities and parishes.

The TE Administration may not participate in the joint procurement of TäsmäKoulutus Training if it involves a company that has an unpaid recovery order based on a previous decision of the commission in which the aid has been declared unlawful and inapplicable to the domestic market. In addition, companies going through financial difficulties cannot participate in the training.

What is TäsmäKoulutus Training

Täsmäkoulutus Training (targeted training) is vocational training tailored to the needs of the company and its personnel. The goal of the training is for students who have completed the training to be employed in the company.

TäsmäKoulutus Training does not lead to a partial or completed degree. Standard orientation and personnel training cannot be funded as TäsmäKoulutus Training since the employer is responsible for funding these trainings.

The training

  • develops professional skills for future jobs
  • includes lessons at the educational institution and on-the-job learning
  • lasts at least 10 training days for each student

Planning and funding of the training

The employment and economic development administration participates in the planning of TäsmäKoulutus Training and organises a tender competition for a training service provider specialising on the company’s field. The company selects employees from their company to participate in the training and justifies their choices. The authorities then make the final student selection.

The employer and the employment and economic development administration provide funding for the training together. The employer contribution is 30-50% of the total costs of the training. The employer's contribution depends on the size of the company and its turnover or balance sheet.

More information

You can contact the business advisers at your local TE Office.

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