Employment plan

The services you need and the activities you have agreed on will be compiled into a plan, which will outline the goals for you job search, the ways in which you will personally promote finding employment, the services you will need and how you will be in contact with the TE Office in the future. You will report on the realisation of your plan either via E-services or during a future interview.

If your unemployment continues, we will interview you once every three months to check up on your plan. The TE Office can organise a one-on-one interview with you either at the TE Office, via telephone or via a remote connection. Additionally, interviews can be held at e Guidance Centres, which have TE Service personnel, as well as during local Labour Force and Business Service trials, which are organised by local authorities.

The plan will be one of the following depending on your situation:

  • an employment plan, which you will draw up together with a TE Office expert
  • an activation plan, which you will draw up together with a TE Office expert and a municipal clerk
  • an integration plan, which you will draw up together with a TE Office expert.

A plan to support your job search can be drawn up in two different ways:

  1. Online in Finnish or Swedish
    - After completing a service needs assessment in E-services, you will be requested to with accept a proposed plan or to draw up your own proposed plan that you will submit to the TE Office.
    - We will mutually agree that you will draw up a proposal for your plan either independently or with the help of a service provider in E-services for the TE Office.

    Follow the instructions provided in E-services. If you do not accept the proposed plan or draw up your own proposal for a plan by the deadline you have been given, your job search will be discontinued.
  2. At TE Offices
    - The TE Office will organise a one-on-one interview with you either at the TE Office, via telephone or via a remote connection. During the interview, the TE Office expert or a service provider will speak with you about your wishes concerning your job search and your competence.

Activities agreed to in the plan

From the following activities and services, select those that will help you gain employment as quickly as possible.

I will read up on a jobseeker's rights and obligations on the website.

If you become unemployed

I will subscribe to the Job Watch vacancy notification service, which will send information on job vacancies, and I will keep receiving messages from the service for the entire time I am a jobseeker.

Job Watch, which is part of the Vacancies Service will send email notifications on vacancies that correspond with set search words.

Vacancies (in Finnish and Swedish)

I will actively search for jobs through various job search channels and participate in applicable recruitment events organised by TE Services.

I will publish my CV on the EURES website, and actively search for jobs throughout Europe using various job search channels.

I will sign up for job search training to improve my job search skills.

I will read guides online on how to establish an enterprise and I will participate in an event where the subject will be discussed.


I will draw up a feasible business plan for full-time entrepreneurship.


I will look into the options and possibilities for business funding and I will apply, if necessary for a start-up grant to secure my income.

I will use the online tool to assess the conditions for my gaining employment.

E-services (asiointi.mol.fi) → Työelämätutka (in Finnish and Swedish)

I will examine my vocational options via the vocational guidance online tool or website.

I will acquire information on training possibilities in Finland and elsewhere in Europe.

I will sign-up to have my professional skills and competence assessed.

Career coaching

I will assess and find out my vocational options as well as applicable training or career options together with an expert.

  • The TE Office can commission expert assessments to determine a personal customer's competence, professional and vocational skills, suitability, as well as their options with regard to work, entrepreneurship or studies. 

Are you choosing an occupation or an educational programme?

I will plan appropriate and applicable education and career option with a vocational guidance and career planning psychologist.

  • During the TE Office's vocational guidance and career planning services, you can speak with an expert about the development of your competence, how you will search and apply for work and education, the content of different education options, professions, professional fields and the options for funding studies.

I will apply for career coaching to clarify my vocational and career options, to apply for studies and to develop my my working life skills.

Career coaching

I will apply for a study try-out at an educational institution to determine my vocational and career options.

  • During a study try-out, you will learn about the content of the offered education and the requirements of the profession. In this way, you can reassess your education and training plan and make it more specific. During an study try-out you can speak with teachers and student counsellors about matters related to the studies in question. You can also learn about the educational institution and the studies and training it offers by sitting in on classes. A study try-out will last for no longer than 10 days.

I will apply for a work try-out at a workplace to determine my vocational and career options or to support my return to the labour market.

Work try-out as a stepping stone to the job market

I will apply for labour force training and, if necessary, subscribe to the Training Watch email notification service.

I will apply for apprenticeship training.

Apprenticeship training

I will apply for voluntary education to improve my vocational and professional skills, my likelihood to gain employment or maintain my present job.

A jobseeker’s independent study can be supported by unemployment benefit

I will also need the TE Office's services for determining my state of health, my needs for rehabilitation and my possibilities for receiving a pension.

  • You can get new information on your state of health and your working and functioning capacity, as well as health guidance and treatment for a long-term illness that does not directly impact your ability to work during a  medical examination for the unemployed organised by you municipality.


I will meet with a job  search coach in the agreed upon manner to get support for gaining employment.

Finding work or education with the support of a job coach

I will attend a cross-sectoral joint service promoting employment (TYP).

Cross-sectoral joint service promoting employment

I will sign-up for rehabilitating work activities to improve my life management and employment skills.

Rehabilitative work activities

I will sign-up for reassignment training organised by my employer at the time of termination.

  • Reassignment training is training provided by employers when terminating employees from their jobs.

Additionally, an expert from the TE Office can arrange other activities with you that will be entered into your plan.

Instructions for customers in local government pilots on employment 

If you are a customer of the local government pilot on employment, you prepare an employment plan with an expert in your municipality of residence. You have access to the E-Services service which you must use to announce after you have completed the assignments required in the employment plan within a specified deadline. If you are unable to submit a notification through E-Services, you can also report the completed assignments directly to the expert in your municipality of residence or the telephone service for personal customers. 

Jobseekers’ services during the local government pilots

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