Registration instructions for citizens of other countries

These instructions are intended for persons who are not citizens of Finland or another EU or EEA country

  • You cannot register as a jobseeker if you do not have a valid residence permit. Residence permits are granted by the Finnish Immigration Service.
  • Registering as an unemployed jobseeker involves several stages. Go through all the stages carefully to keep your job search valid. If your job search is interrupted, your entitlement to unemployment benefits ends.
  • Based on your registration, the TE Office will issue a labour policy statement on whether you are entitled to an unemployment benefit.
  • Register as a jobseeker no later than on your first day of unemployment. You can also register before the period of unemployment or lay-off begins.
  • You can also register after the start of your unemployment or lay-off. However, please note that you can only receive unemployment benefits starting no earlier than the date of registration.
  • Note! On a temporary basis, entrepreneurs can also register as jobseekers and apply for labour market subsidy due to a sudden decrease in demand caused by the coronavirus epidemic. The law is in force until 30.6.2021.

1. Open the online registration form

You can use the online form if:

  • You have not been registered at a TE Office earlier and
  • are at least 16 years old and
  • do not have online banking codes, a mobile certificate or a smart ID card.

You can find the online registration form here:

(Note! The form does not work in Internet Explorer)

If you have previously been a customer of the TE Office, or are not at least 16 years old, do not use the form. Use the telephone service to register.

If you are a new jobseeker and you do not have the opportunity to complete the online form, visit the TE Office in person. Take a valid identity card with you.

2. Fill in the requested information carefully

Check that your contact information is up to date. It is important that the TE Office can contact you if necessary.

Report any changes that you are aware of, such as employment relationships or studies beginning in the following three months. However, report only changes that are fully confirmed.

Enter your work history. Please complete the employment end dates and reasons. Also mention your previous or current entrepreneurial activities in your work history. Incomplete information may need to be checked by means of a clarification request or by telephone, which will prolong the processing of your case.

Complete your education history and study completion dates. You must also report incomplete studies for which you do not have a diploma or a notice of discontinuation of studies. Please note that after registration, you will no longer be able to change the work history or education information you have provided.

Please inform us if you cannot read or write using the Latin alphabet.

Remember to also report working as a family caregiver or being self-employed (such as freelance work). If necessary, use the Additional information field.

Please note that you must be prepared to apply for and receive full-time employment corresponding to your working ability in order to receive an unemployment benefit or integration services, such as free Finnish or Swedish language training provided by the TE Office.

You must indicate from which agency you apply for the unemployment benefit. If you are a member of an unemployment fund and the employment condition is met, you apply for a benefit from your fund. Otherwise, the benefit is paid by Kela. The TE Office issues a labour policy statement to the payer regarding your right to unemployment benefit.

After submitting the registration, you will receive an acknowledgement of reception that will include the information you submitted, the period for which your job search is valid and instructions on how to proceed. Read it carefully. If you are transferred to the local government pilot on employment, you will be notified of this. 

3. The TE Office will contact you

The TE Office will contact you to prepare a service needs assessment and an employment plan. You will be contacted by telephone or letter. Please keep your contact details up to date in the E-services. A service needs assessment and employment plan can be made with you either by telephone or at the TE Office.

If you are a customer of the local government pilot on employment, your municipality of residence will contact you and make a service needs assessment and an employment plan with you. If you are a customer of the local government pilot on employment, your municipality of residence helps you with finding employment instead of the TE Office. 

4. Apply for unemployment benefit from the payer

If you are about to become unemployed or laid off, or your employment is reduced to a shortened work week, read more on the following page:

If you are a member of an unemployment fund and your employment condition is met, apply for unemployment benefit from the fund of which you are a member. Otherwise, apply for unemployment benefit from Kela. The TE Services will notify them of your entitlement to unemployment benefit.

Note the following

  • We try to process your registration within 14 days.
  • You do not need to send attachments. If required, we will request any attachments such as diplomas and certificates of employment.
  • If your employment relationship has ended during a trial period or at your own request, or if you have been dismissed, the TE Office will submit a clarification request to you. You will receive the information in the E-services and by post or text message.
  • If necessary, the TE Office will request additional information on your studies or entrepreneurship by means of a clarification request. You will receive the information in the E-services and by post or text message.
  • If you are a customer of the local government pilot on employment, your municipality of residence will send you a request for clarification if necessary.
  • To speed up the processing, respond to any requests for information in the E-services. The response time is 14 days. The clarification request will be processed within 30 days of your response.
  • You can monitor the progress of your situation in the E-services. You will also find your statement there when it is ready.
  • If necessary, contact the TE Office via E-services. Registrations will be processed in the order of arrival, so a request to contact you will not speed up your processing.

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