Data protection and handling of personal data 

The customer data we store in the personal data register on our information system includes the following:

  • identification and contact information
  • information relating to TE Services customer relationships and interactions
  • data concerning education, work experience and expertise
  • information on service needs and plans
  • information on job offers and presentations to employers
  • health condition and other information required for the provision of TE Services
  • labour policy statements
  • information on TE services and benefits.

As a customer, you have the right to view your personal data stored in the information system. If you would like your data in writing, you must order it from the TE Office. The service is free once a year.

We disclose customer information in a limited manner

Customer information is confidential and the personnel handling it has a duty of confidentiality.

We can only disclose to employers the data required to fill the job position and for which the customer has given their written consent. Such information includes:

  • name and contact details of the jobseeker, native language, other language skills and nationality
  • jobseeker’s training and vocational qualifications and, where needed, their content and grades
  • employment history together with details given in certificates of employment
  • details on performing military conscription
  • specialist skills, work and training preferences and a job-seeking presentation prepared by the jobseeker for employers
  • roof that the person has been continuously unemployed for the previous 12 months in order to determine the requirements for concluding a fixed-term employment contract.

The employer also has the right to know whether a former employee is a jobseeker at the TE Office when they carry out their readmission obligation in accordance with the Employment Contracts Act.

The TE Office sends the unemployment benefit payer (Kela or the unemployment fund) a labour policy statement concerning the conditions for receiving unemployment benefits.

Customer information is available to other authorities if the disclosure of information is regulated by law or if the customer gives their consent to such disclosure.

We do not address personal matters in email

The TE Office cannot respond by email to questions which relate to a customer’s personal situation and which require access to confidential information. This ensures that the information does not fall into the wrong hands. We reply by email on a general level or respond using secure email.

Customer call recording system

The calls to the TE Office are recorded automatically, and the information content is the information provided by the customer. The recording will not be handed over to third parties. The customer has the right to view their personal data that is stored in the register.

The aforementioned issues related to the processing of data also apply equally to the processing of the data of customers that are part of the local government pilots on employment.