Telephone service for employer and enterprise clients

TE Offices help employer and enterprise customers by telephone. Telephone service for employer and business customers are also available in regions that participate in local government pilots on employment.

TE Offices’ contact information

Contact your local TE Office when you need advice or help with

  • recruitment, development or change of personnel
  • starting a business.

Work permits

The processing of employees’ residence permit applications has been centralised to three work permit units. Contact the TE Office that manages work permit matters in your area.

TE offices managing permit matters

EnterpriseFinland telephone service

  • 0295 020 502 in English and 0295 020 500 in Finnish
  • Mon-Fri 9.00–16.15

General advice for those considering entrepreneurship, employers and entrepreneurs

Contact us when you need

  • advice on starting a company or
  • information on public business and employer services related to business activities or support in their electronic services.

The telephone service can answer questions such as:

  • I’m planning to start a business. What should I know about company forms, taxation, insurance, entrepreneur's social security, declaration of establishment, notification authorities/registers, business permits, business name?
  • Where can I find help with evaluating a business idea or preparing a business plan?
  • I'm hiring an employee. What should I take into account? How do I post a job advertisement? What are the employer's obligations?
  • Where can I find support for paying and training an employee?
  • Where can I get funding for business investments, development, wage costs? Can I get a start-up grant?

Telephone advice service for companies with financial difficulties

  • 0295 024 882 in English and 0295 024 880 in Finnish
  • Mon-Fri 9–16

Contact the experts at the Enterprise Finland Talousapu financial advisory service when you need advice on

  • matters related to the company's financial and payment difficulties.

The advisory service is free of charge. The price of the call depends on the customer's own operator agreement.

Remember that E-Services is available to you 24/7

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